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Here are some few challenges among many I can help you with.

Responsive Web Design

Designing your website on all platforms(mobile, tablets and desktop) brings together aspects of branding, interface design, typography, usability design and more, to create an engaging online experience that ultimately converts visitors into sales or enquiries.


Multimedia includes not only core areas such as web design & online advertising but also niche areas such as touch-screen kiosks, magazines, slide show presentations, video editing, flash animations, 3D visualisations and interactive CD/DVD production.

Print and Branding

Although I am primarily digital specialist, I also have vast experience in the print world. I offer everything from one-off print solutions and logo updates to complete rebrands.


Get a feel of some projects I have done

Ajebo Online Store

Website Design

Prado Power

Website Design


Multimedia :: Presentation

AA James

Print and Branding :: Album Art

Steadman and Fischer

Print and Branding

Design Process

A professional approach to your projects!

  • In the begining...

    We Analyse

    Taking the time to get to know your business makes all the difference in the success of the project. This means talking to you, asking you questions and also suggesting ideas. Filling out the questionnaire helps me understand your branding, business strategy, target audience, competition and design preferences. This is a crucial step as I can then narrow in on your needs.

  • What next?


    After gathering the information, needed for the project, I begin to conceptualize the design and to develop the overall structure for the project. This is the creative process where, design concepts will be put together, sometimes using Lorem Ipsum (jibber jabber a.k.a dummy text) and images, should the content not be ready or finalized. Once the visual identity is complete, it will be presented to you, the client, in digital format.

  • So then...

    iLata develops

    Once I get your approval, the graphic design is printed or in other cases, coded into a working web page or application. This is often the longest phase of the project process. All web pages are coded and developed ensuring the CSS/HTML standards used are effective across all browser platforms to the best level available.

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The Genius Behind The Scene

..does ordinary things extra-ordinarily well.

Isah Lata

If you’re looking for a dedicated graphic artist filled with true digital talent you have come to the right place. I am a Nigerian-based creative mind with a wide range of digital disciplines covered with experience and energy. I focus on understanding your business, followed by designing the inspired creative print or web that will engage your audience. If you are looking for a graphic or web designer who will translate your message into captivating visuals, have a look at my portfolio.


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